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Like coffee? Of course, everyone likes coffee. Like vintage threads? Yah. Let’s somehow amalgamate the two! Too late, some other geniuses already did it. FINALLY. On level 2 of the Myer Centre is the newest addition to the retro collective: Relax in Vintage. Part clothing dispensary, part café, part lounge that reminds you of that dream where you’re sipping on a latte, listening to Andy Warhol and Lou Reed read prose about their visions of the future.

Owned by some folks called Nicole and Greg, Relax in Vintage is about recycling the otherwise unwanted that is designed well, made well and should be back out in fashion. But it’s not just about the clothing (of which this shop has some of the finest reasonably priced treasures), or the store’s aesthetic pleasure (like a 1950s restored Kelvinator fridge), or the salvaged and restored change-room doors, or the marvelous lounge furniture. It’s also about providing a little touch of homeliness in a retail environment, a place where you feel like you can relax without shop assistants being all up in your business. Browse the threads, sip the fair-trade De Groot coffee or tea, have a snack, and relax.

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