Home Is Where Your Cube Is

IN St Andrew’s Square, Edinburgh, sits a wooden cube, measuring 3m x 3m x 3m, 27 cubic meters, a prototype of what could very well be your new home.

The prototype, called QB1 was unveiled at the 2011 Edinburgh Science Festival in Scotland and is the most compact rendition of a house.

Project initiator, Dr David Page of the University of Scotland said his goal is introducing low – carbon and energy efficient living, in a compact, yet stylish and convenient way.

Made with sustainable materials, the cube is fully equipped with the minimum that anyone could need – lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

The space is divided into three levels, accessible by cleverly designed space-saving stairs.

‘Downstairs’ is the lounge with a sofa that has storage under the seats that can slide out to become seats for the small table.

One level up is the kitchen, fully equipped with a fridge, stovetop and hood, oven, sink and storage cupboards. On the same level is the bathroom, complete with a composting toilet and full-sized shower.

‘Upstairs’ there is a double bed, measuring 120cm wide.

The cube is designed to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, with the walls, floor and ceiling being well-insulated. There is also triple glazing for the windows and door and solar panels.

‘Ultra-efficient LEDs light it and an Ecodan air-source heat pump heats it by recovering heat from extracted air. Plus, there is a two-meter head height.

QB1 only requires an electrical grid and water supply for the low-flow high-performance showers and taps.

According to Dr Page, the energy produced by the cube would raise around $1500 per year, tax free, guaranteed and index linked for 25 years.

This post initially appeared on Our World Today.


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