They #3 | FiveThousand

Did you know that some guy called Vincent Connare came up with the most vomit inducing typeface known to man, Comic Sans? Ironic really, because it really is sanscomic. You get me? Anyway, modern publications contain many faux pas from lay out, to typeface, to images, but not this one. Ladies and Gents, They. Founded by cool cat designer Marshall Rake, and cool cat photographer Azita Rasoli, They is ‘a dialogue between literature and art’ and They means business.

A different theme is at the centre of each issue (3 so far) and the current theme fornumber 3 is transparency. Included are excellent short stories from a number of different writers but the real kicker is the use of images. Throughout They there are monochrome images (purple), some combined with text – possibly the greatest Sans Serifs ever – some on their own. It is design as it was supposed to be: most excellent. It exhibits typographic (the typography makes me cry) and photographic genius and smart design. Seriously, kids, this publication is so good, it makes me shed tears. Take that Vincent Connare.

This post initially appeared at FiveThousand.


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