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We Three Club

Almost every time I’m on the net, I find myself lost in a deep intricate web of clicks. One link to another, one page to another and one post to another. But it always proves fruitful. Enter We Three Club.

Based in the UK, We Three Club presents a range of psychedelic band posters, apparel and stationary, and other similarly wild ephemera by illustrators Alex and Chris. The duo have designed works for a wide array of clients from Passion Pit, Blood Red Shoes, Queens of the Stoneage to Chelsea Football Club and Duxford Imperial War Museum. Their work has even led to numerous exhibitions in the UK, US and Europe. With such an impressive résumé, and a collection of purely cool creative works, We Three Club were the perfect team to talk through their creative process.

Here’s a Q&A with Alex.

Tell us a bit about how you got to where you are.

Chris and I both led parallel lives promoting gigs in the places we lived – me in Cambridge and Chris in Kingston. Part of this promotion was creating a poster for said gig. Knowing a lot of bands, Chris also being in a band himself, we were able to do lots of work for different people and for our work to be seen more and more. Posters are a great tool of promoting your design skills as they are seen by so many people. We were both asked to do a poster for a weekend festival in Reading. Chris did the poster for one day and I the other, we then got to know of each others work…we are now married and work together full time.

Ganglians by We Three Club

What is it about design, illustration and music that you like?

Wow that’s quite a big question. For me I have grown up immersed in art, music and culture. My parents were both artists and it just feels natural to surround myself with design. I enjoy creating, making something that is unique. Music for me is different as I am not a musician. For me it is a way to sit back and escape, evoking such a huge emotion, that can help inspire the art that I create, I suppose that’s why I was drawn to gig posters.

monotonix by we three club

When you’re starting a design, where do you look to for inspiration? (i.e. what’s your creative process?)

…Personally I find music to be a huge inspiration. Also just personal everyday situations and findings, I don’t generally go in search for inspiration or images, which is very different to how Chris works.

kurt vile by we three club

When you feel you’ve got creative block, what you do?

Try and get out the house, take a day off away from everything and then come back refreshed. Sometimes that is hard to do though, especially with a tight deadline!

the magic band by we three club

Does a good idea start as a good idea, or do you build ideas to make them good?

Sometimes you can nail something with the first idea you have, but working with clients we tend to build on ideas and give different options. It can really vary.

tweakbird by we three club

What’s your favourite piece of work that you’ve designed and why?

Personally I really enjoyed working on the piece we created for an exhibition called ‘The Amazing Mr Dahl’ for Gallerie F in Chicago. I loved Roald Dahls Revolting Rhymes as a child, and to visualise one of the best lines from the book was so much fun. I would love to do more illustration for dark childrens’ stories.

revolting rhymes by we three club

When you design something, and you’re not that happy with it, what do you do?

Obviously you have to try and make it better so that you are then content with the final outcome. Artists are pretty ridiculous really and I find most of the talented pals we have, whom do this for a living, are never truly happy with anything they create. I suppose that helps us continuously strive to push our work and what we do.

graham coxon by we three club

What advice do you have now, that you wish someone could have told you when you were starting?

I don’t feel that is much advice we could have been given to help us. Just work hard, push your work to be seen by as many people you can, be nice, and it will all pay off in the end!

All images courtesy of We Three Club. Please always give credit where credit is due! You can view their work here, like them here, and follow them here.

Featured image from Paper Journal


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