Month: November 2014

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6 Things To Do on a Quiet Night In | Introvert Dear

It’s well known by now that the introverted personality generates energy by being alone. The virtues of solitude have been extolled by many with benefits including freedom, creativity, and psychological well being. However, for some reason, society seems to fear, even chastise, the solitary individual: the person having dinner in a restaurant alone, the girl reading alone in the park, or the man strolling through the streets of a new city, is viewed as lonely, rather than free. Advertisements

Outsiders and Creative Thinking | Warhol’s Children

In a 2012 study it was found that social rejection propels creativity for those with an independent self-concept. That is, people who place less of a premium on sharing more similarities with major social groups, rather than opting for a more individualistic approach. 3 studies were conducted. In the first, participants were rejected outright and informed they had to work on their tasks individually. They then indicated how they felt (pretty rejected). In the second rejection was primed by requiring students to circle pronouns (“I”, “my”) and vice versa for the interdependent version (“We”, “our”). Results showed that the participants who had an independent self-concept, and who were rejected, produced more creative responses for their test, more so than included participants. The final study showed how these variables influence idea generation by completing a space alien drawing — the more the drawing diverted from conventional structures (nose in the middle of the face etc), the more creative. Again, independent thinkers generated more creative drawings following rejection, than following inclusion. “Rejection relative to inclusion appears to …