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6 Locations to Inspire Creativity

Seeking inspiration for creating something can be hard enough. For some it is easy, for others it’s a long and winding process of research and discovery until thoughts and ideas transmute into the perfect idea. Certain locations and settings have been found to spur creativity. When preparing for a creative day, it’s always paramount to find the best location that is conducive to better thinking. Here’s a list of creative places that can help in producing just the right creative alchemy.

1. Old Libraries

There is just something about stately old libraries with their grand interior, dark wood bookshelves lined with leather-bound books. The scent is always the same: old wood and secret histories. The dimness is always the same: just enough light to see the feint margins of your notepad. These old libraries usually contain the best mix of silence, background noise, space, and lighting. The sense of space is replicated in your mind, allowing for more and more ideas to creep in there. It’s a freeing quality. In the library you don’t feel like your being watched: everyone is focused to their own work. It’s private. This sense of privacy means you can let go a little and tap a little more into the ideas that can be otherwise ignored if you know that people are watching. It’s like your mind is able to finally do its spontaneous little dance in public without fear of reproach.

2. Green Parks

Green has been shown to facilitate creative thinking because of its relation with nature. Green represents new life in nature. Regeneration and rebirth, blossoming and opportunity. This perception realigns fittingly with producing creative work. Like a seedling beginning its journey to sprout and slowly pierce its way through the soil, growing tall for its first foray into the world, our ideas act in the same manner. A flash of green, or being surrounded by green can mimic the process of nature helping you to produce some of your most creative work.

3. Train Stations

Just look up and around, and you’ve got your character. Perhaps it could be a little difficult to work in a station, but for harvesting ideas, it’s a gold mine of influences. The man sitting in the corner, frantically flipping through the businesses pages, the woman staring into the distance. It’s these everyday characters which can be used and fashioned as necessary to help us create out portraits and protagonists.

4. Your Childhood Kitchen 

I learned to read in my parents’ kitchen. As a young girl, everyday I would bring my books, and alphabet chart and string words, sentences and stories together. These are the stories I will never forget. Whenever I think of these times, often I get lost in a labyrinth of thoughts, but at the end of this maze there is a sack full of ideas that have creative potential. Looking to the past, whether personal or not can always prove fruitful for creative ideas.


5. Food Market

Food markets are intense. The aromas, the food, all of your senses are at work which means that it can evoke all kinds of ideas. The smell of the cheese, the presentation of the Gateaux, the impressive mustache on the fish monger, all these sights, scents and sounds have great potential to transmute into the perfect idea. Plus you can get a nice Gateau.

6. A Bakery Cafe

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

– Ernestine Ulmer



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