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Sense of Purpose in Life? Your Heart Will Thank You For It

Researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York have found that a healthy heart is linked to having a sense of purpose in life. The researchers came to their conclusions after reviewing 10 relevant studies, and data from more than 137,000 people. Lead study author Randy Cohen, M.D, explained:

“Developing and refining your sense of purpose could protect your heart health and potentially save your life…Our study shows there is a strong relationship between having a sense of purpose in life and protection from dying or having a cardiovascular event. As part of our overall health, each of us needs to ask ourselves the critical question of ‘do I have a sense of purpose in my life?’ If not, you need to work toward the important goal of obtaining one for your overall well-being.”

Alan Rozanski, MD, study co-author and Director of Wellness and Prevention Programs for Mount Sinai Heart at the Mount Sinai Health System said that based on these findings future research should now further assess the importance of life purpose as a determinant of health and well-being and assess the impact of strategies designed to improve individuals’ sense of life purpose.


image: Ted Engler / Flickr CC


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