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The Dean of Harvard on Why Restlessness is Important

Recently Dean Khurana of Harvard was captured on Humans of New York, where he gave rather inspiring quote about how restlessness is vital for an organisation to move forward. In many ways, this is applicable to us. If we don’t challenge ourselves and consider different perspectives we’ll find that there is little opportunity for growth.

“It’s difficult to stay on top for 40 years. Not to mention 400 years. For an organization to remain relevant, there has to be a certain sense of restlessness. For us, that means continuing to grow the circle of ‘who we are.’ Back in the 1700’s, Harvard meant rich white men of a certain religion. Since then, we’ve expanded to include women, different religions, and different ethnicities. If we want to stay relevant and real, we’ve got to continue to grow that circle. If our definition of excellence becomes a zip code or a test score, we’ll become little more than a museum or tourist destination.”


Featured image: Aleks Ivic / Flickr CC


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