Month: November 2015

Between Cities

Oftentimes I find myself in another city. Though not necessarily physically, my mind may wander, triggered by a scent or a scene, or anything in between, and I’m in London, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam…Daily life can get quite restrictive at times, so it’s not always possible to be there, even though you may really want to. Until we make it to these locations, we mentally transport ourselves, one-way ticket and all, and we’re there. feature image Shauna Leigh Robinson / FlickrCC Advertisements


Amsterdam: A City of Creation | fluoro

“I see drawings and pictures in the poorest of huts and dirtiest of corners.” – Vincent Van Gogh Amsterdam. A city renowned for its culture, history, art and UNESCO world heritage listed canals, will see a surge in creative events this month with the renowned Amsterdam Art Weekend and International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) taking place in locations around the city. A walk around the Herengracht, Prinsengracht or Keizergracht – Amsterdam’s three main canals, will weave you through what the Dutch city has to offer. The tightly packed canal house gables, icons in their own architectural right, display the mastery of Dutch architecture from the 16th to 20thCenturies. They are richly decorated and among them we see other important buildings such as the Westerkerk Tower and DAM Square, a nod to the artistic values that Amsterdam is renowned for. A vivid arts scene where one can listen to the world renowned Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra or visit the Van Gogh Museum, or for that matter, any of the 140 galleries or 40 museums that the city …

Jamie xx

Interview with Jamie xx | fluoro

Here’s a recent interview that I wrote for fluoro. Please note that the interview was not done by me. We spoke to Jamie xx about his new album In Colour, journey as a producer and his work as a solo artist. Jaime Smith, better known as Jamie xx never thought he’d get to live his dream. “I definitely never expected to be on this pathway although I grew up making music, and even just like making stuff up on the piano when I was very small, but I never thought that I would actually be able to do this as a career,” he said calling through for a quick chat from LAX airport as he waited to board his flight back home to London. “I never thought that I would be able to, like, get up on stage on my own…it just was not a desire of mine to capture attention, but it’s taken some time to get used to it. Now I really enjoy it,” he said. Jamie xx rose to prominence with The xx, alongside Romy Madley …

Professor Profiles: Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann

From the age of four and throughout his youth, Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann was considered a mathematical prodigy, but always felt that it did not have the soul, social interaction and emotional intelligence that languages have. “I might be wrong but I was certain,” said Professor Zuckermann from his Adelaide University office. He has always been interested in languages, both Language (with a capital L) and languages, and has always been ludic and playful with words. He used to write palindromic stories and bilingual homophonous poems, which are now widely found on the Internet. “Children’s writer Russell Hoban described language as an ‘archaeological vehicle’, full of the remnants of dead and living pasts, lost and buried civilisations and technologies. The language we speak is a whole palimpsest of human effort and history,” quoted Professor Zuckermann by heart. He shifted in his chair, gesticulating gently, and explained that palimpsest is a beautiful metaphor for language.Coming from Greek,it means ‘scraped again’, ‘re-scratched,’ referring to a text written on top of another text. “A language is multi-layered, it encodes …