Modern Cooking | Neos Kosmos

Greek food in Melbourne is starting to change, spearheaded by a new generation of creative cooks

Moussaka Toastie, anyone? Or perhaps some peanut butter and jam loukoumades? Greek sushi?

Whether you cringe at the thought of such culinary fusions or widen your eyes in wonderment, new waves of creative cooks are introducing a whole new world of Greek cuisine.

Dean Giannakis, owner of the popular St Gerry’s says the Greek food scene in Melbourne is definitely starting to move away from more traditional eats like meat platters and dips.

Even in Greece, he says, the cuisine has adopted a tapas style of eating with a lot of seafood.

“I think we’re slowly adapting to that and we’re changing. There are some really good business owners out there who are trying to portray a more modern twist on [Greek cuisine] and bringing smaller share dishes,” Giannakis told Neos Kosmos.


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