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Why A Liberal Arts Degree Is Something of Value

On June 28th a mellifluous baritone snaked through the air in the auditorium I was sat in. I turned around and saw a handsome young man with an elderly companion. They accommodated themselves in their allocated leathery residence and continued their tête-à-tête. “So what did you study?” asked the lady “I will say what I say to everyone: I studied a multidisciplinary Arts degree.” he replied. The dialogue that ensued was something that I heard countless times before, something in the vein of he had commenced his Arts degree, selected a fairly broad range of courses which culminated majoring in Art history. Today, exclaimed, he is yet to find a job. It has been reported for years now that enrolments in Bachelor of Arts have decreased, a simple chat to any student frequently yields the same opinion: arts degrees are broad degrees which result in very few career options. This, in fact, is a broad notion, which, to be frank lacks a substantial and intricate understanding that how the arts degree is actually structured does indeed provide great …

A Neurological Defence for the Humanities: Better Thinking, Bigger Ideas and Art

It is widely noted that Einstein came up with some of his best scientific ideas during his violin breaks, which he believed connected different parts of his brain in new ways. It’s the thinking process which Einstein coined as “combinatory play”. This is the notion that creativity is combinational: humans amass a collection of cross-disciplinary building blocks — knowledge, memories, etc, and then combine and recombine into something new. From this mental pool of resources beckons the infrastructure of what we call our own original ideas.