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You’re Sensitive, You’re Pretty Awesome

Amid the constant flurry of activity that our day-to-day is composed of, we tend to overlook and forget things. Little things like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, or medium-sized things like compliments and concern, or big things like compassion and empathy. Perhaps we tend to push these things aside because we feel like they don’t need to be spoken, as if somehow through the magic of osmosis, our friends, families and acquaintances will just know that we understand. But there’s this other group of people who don’t think quite in this way. The people who are willing to tell you that you look good, who are game enough to understand the troubled look on your face, and who are brave enough to put an arm around your shoulder when you’re quietly sobbing after watching My Best Friend’s Wedding and fearing eternal spinsterhood. These people are the soul-hugging, rage-calming human equivalent of chocolate ice-cream: your sensitive friends. Your sensitive friends are the ones who are willing to listen. Whether face-to-face or a 4 hour midnight Skype session, your sensitive friends are …

Quietly Happy: 15 Quotes For Introverts | Introvert, Dear

I find that people tend to forget that introverts have as much value as extroverts purportedly do. That’s why when Susan Cain’s Quiet came out, it was such a poignant moment in introvert history. Well, for me anyway. I never really considered that introverts were really thought of in such a gloomy way.  And in many ways I can’t really grasp why people even mind if someone is a little less talkative. Perhaps there is too high a premium on being a chatterbox, and too low acceptance of people’s silence. There is just as much value in saying little as saying a lot. It’s just a more efficient way of expression. Introverts just have a different way of dealing with and experiencing the world. I think it’s important for reminders about the goodness of the introvert’s personality to appear constantly, so we don’t all forget and lapse into an unfair judgment and criticism of an introverted personality.