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How Science Says You Can Ace a Job Interview

What kinds of techniques do you employ when in a job interview? From the clothes we wear, to how easy our names are to pronounce, there are many factors for success that are considered when being interviewed. But science says that our voice is something that we really need to pay attention to. New research has found that a person’s intellect, amiability and thoughtfulness is conveyed and perceived through their voice, rather than through text. The study entitled, The Sound of Intellect: Speech Reveals a Thoughtful Mind, Increasing a Job Candidate’s Appeal, by Juliana Schroeder and Nicholas Epley, conducted experiments where a group of MBS students composed both verbal and written elevator pitches to hypothetical employers. The results were unanimous across the experiments: from video to transcripts – evaluators – which included practicing recruiters – who listened to job pitches were consistently more interested in hiring the candidates than were evaluators who read identical transcriptions. Voice impressed evaluators so much so, that a more positive impression of candidates was formed, and were rated as more likeable. It was believed …

Getting Ready For A Creative Day

Wake up in the right state of mind. The night before, commit to the idea that you’re going to conjure up some amazing things the next morning. Make a deal with yourself that you’re going to invest every moment that you have to immerse yourself in your work. What you’ve got indoor head will make it’s first foray into the world, and you will create valuable work. Eat something that you love for breakfast or brunch. Don’t eat something that you feel you need  to eat. Your creative day is about being in an amiable mood, one that as accepting of ideas and runs with them. If you want Creme Brûlée French toast, with a noisette, that’s what you’re having. It it’s porridge with berries, go with that. Don’t restrict yourself. That’s the antidote to creation. Setup your workspace. Perhaps you feel more comfortable with books scattered and piled up everywhere. Maybe you like your brushes neatly in their home, or maybe you don’t want anything but your main instrument. Ensure your space is conducive to …

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6 Things To Do on a Quiet Night In | Introvert Dear

It’s well known by now that the introverted personality generates energy by being alone. The virtues of solitude have been extolled by many with benefits including freedom, creativity, and psychological well being. However, for some reason, society seems to fear, even chastise, the solitary individual: the person having dinner in a restaurant alone, the girl reading alone in the park, or the man strolling through the streets of a new city, is viewed as lonely, rather than free.