These packages were created as part of university assignments in 2017.


Meet Banks. Melbourne’s oldest rowing crew.

Healthy ageing is explored through a Melburnian octogenarian rowing crew that includes the oldest competing oarsman in Victoria and New South Wales, at the age of 89. Why should we care? Because recent research, including a longitudinal study surveying more than 2000 people, experts have found that exercising in mid and later life can help stave off dementia, increase vitality and general wellbeing.

Music: Phife for Life by Otis McDonald. Sourced through Youtube free music audio library.

Mixed tunes for proposed permit changes

Melbourne City Council is proposing introducing new busking laws which could see hundreds of street performers lose their busking permit, and be required to undertake a live pubic auction. Stamatina Hasiotis reports.

Virtual Reality and Mental Health

Melbourne researchers look into VR for treating mental health issues.